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Craving Shake


Some of the best tasting, most tolerable whey protein on the market today!

Sold in boxes of 14 – 2.4 Oz. packets

When it comes to long-term success with body change, it all boils down to being able to control the natural elevations in hunger and cravings that come any time you change your diet or exercise regime. 
It is naive to assume willpower alone can overcome these powerful sensations. 
Craving Shake also uses some of the most well-researched soluble fibers on the market to “trick the metabolism” into thinking it has eaten.

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Shake Packet Back1•The formula starts with a base of high quality whey protein, including from grass fed organic cattle. This assured the taste and quality of the whey was well assimilated and had a flavor like none other. Whey protein is a well known suppressor of the stress hormone cortisol and because it is exceptionally rich in the branched-chain amino acids, among others amino acids, it also elevates the feel good brain chemicals GABA, serotonin and dopamine.

•Craving Shake is spiked natural sugars & starches from whole foods like apple powder, honey, yucca powder as well as fats like flaxseed, olive oil and sunflower oil. It also contains healthy bacteria that are now known to be a critical factor in repairing the metabolism and keeping it healthy.

•Finally, the formula also contains a complete compliment of vitamins and minerals. While whole foods are always preferred, the fast-paced convenience lifestyle does not always allow for cooking these meals. Craving Shake is formulated in a way to help provide a good base of nutrition for the active types who are short on time, but who don’t want to sacrifice nutrition.


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