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Registration & Schedule

We meet at the Fleischmann Park basketball courts

  • Drop-Ins Welcome! ($25)
  • Training at 6:00 am & 8:30 am Monday-Friday, unless otherwise noted below
  • Bring a mat & water
  • All Camps are 50 Minutes in duration

Compliance is King! You need to commit to get fit and our schedule makes it convenient to get it done! Choose a time that works best, 6:00 am or 8:30 am, and get on board for improved strength, endurance, mobility and less fat!

Feel free to use either start time depending on what you need from day to day. The important thing is to get up, dress out and post! We love to see you any time you can make it.

And the more we see you, the less of you there'll be to see!

Training Camp Schedule 2018

2018 Camp Schedule

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•'18 & Lean: Jan 3rd - 30th
(6:00am & 8:30am M, Tue, W, F only)

•Duces r Wild: Jan 31st - Feb 27th
(6:00am & 8:30am M, Tue, W, F only)

•Spring Training: Feb 28th - March 27th
(6:00am & 8:30am M, Tue, W, F only)

•Member Appreciation Days: March 28th, 29th, 30th

•Beach Blanket Bingo: April 2nd - 27th
(6:00am & 8:30am M, Tue, W, F only)

•The (un)Boot Camp Camp: April 30th - May 25th
(6:00am & 8:30am M, W, F only)

•Summer Solstice: May 30th - June 25th
(6:00am M, W, F only)


Fitness Camps

3x per week for 4 week session: $255
4x per week for 4 week session: $295
5x per week for 4 week session: $315


Less than 3x per wk: $25
Guests of registered session holder: $20


$100 Billable Hour

Corporate Events

Designed to suit.

Payment Processing & Delivery

We will send an email alerting you that your payment has been processed. At that time, your membership to Bo's is valid and we'll see you at camp soon. Welcome aboard for guaranteed fitness.



Our Proration Policy

We offer prorated discounts for our fitness camps. That means you only pay for what you'll use. Getting started late, vacations and business trips may take you away from camp; why pay for the time you'll miss? We don't twist arms, we train them!


Try out the 1st week for FREE. We’re confident you’ll want more.