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Apr 28 2017


~when you just want smash mouth fitness~

I first came across the DENSITY BLOCK toggling through YouTube vids by world renown strength and conditioning coach, Robert Dos Remedios about 3 years ago. My initial reaction was:
"ooh, nasteeeee"

Then, it was defined as a 5 minute closer - or finishing technique to be used at the conclusion of a full workout. Since then, they have morphed into complete workouts all by themselves by extending the BLOCK into either 2 or 3 different BLOCKS, never to exceed 10 minutes each. So, I did some research, and decided on a 12 minute DENSITY BLOCK just to determine why the seemingly arbitrary 10 minute time limit.

Seemingly schmeemingly ...
I was for all intents and purposes, incapacitated for the next 72 hours. 
10 minutes it is; honor it.

Mar 31 2017

Earth Science & Living Large

What weighs 6 lbs and hangs at Home Depot?

Man, this is good stuff.

I dropped my dad off at the airport last week, which is to say that I hand walked him to the gate and watched him step gingerly down the ramp until he disappeared into the belly of the fuselage. 10 weeks in Naples, 4 visits to the dermatologist, (eczema, not scabies as first moronically diagnosed by Doogie Howser), and every other day brunch at Metro Diner, and his snowbird status was revoked; not by the White House - because that is coming, but by yours truly. It's hard watching your parents go from old but upright to ancient and teetering ... and his second day in town was highlighted by his cartwheel down three misplaced steps in a restaurant where a luncheon was being held by the Red Hats. Have you seen them? Usually they travel in packs of ten or more, all donning red hats of varying fashion or fashion not. I don't know why they remind me of a gaggle of geese because I've never seen a goose in a red hat, but if a goose could wear a red hat, and convince another dozen or so to do the same, I mean -  there you have it. A luncheon of the Ladies of the Red Hats.

Please Bless Me Father for I've Had Sex

Some things are hard to comprehend. Like, for instance, how Sean Spicer wrestled his job from an otherwise articulate, approachable, diplomatic, press professional. There had to have been at least one other candidate for the job. Even one with a pronounced lisp and three crossed eyes would have been an upgrade. He is my current "hate the face" talking head. A close second in the hard to explain category is how I've written over 250 blog posts without ever covering the area of sex. I mean, if you can find me a lifestyle magazine this month without the word SEX or SEXY or GREAT SEX or GREAT SEX TIPS or any of all that without the adjective HOT smeared in red somewhere across the title page I will purchase you a $100 gift card from Gadgets & Gizmos.
I don't know if that sex novelty site exists but for sure it does if the word HOT is in the name somewhere.
In red.

Paint by Numbers

At about the new millennium, yes - that was 17 years ago, real estate started getting stupid, with houses the size of a garage selling for well over 500K ... and these places were about as well kept as garages, too. I recall a client, who owned a bank, learning that I owned 4 properties in SW Florida. When he told me he had heard that rumor, he wanted to know if it were true, and when I confirmed that it was, in fact, true, his reply was not what I had expected.

Aug 28 2016

Paul Newman is Dead

But you probably knew that already. That's the way the Instagram had begun, as I obligatorily swiped at my phone to make certain I 'liked' all the posts I'd better like to make certain I garnered likewise 'likes' to my posts ... this is what life has come down to, yeah? Stay relevant ... stay connected ... stay 'liked.'
Even if we know it's really horseshit.

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