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Who Is "Bo" Anyway?

Bo is Robert J. Crosby, and your head coach at Bo's Fitness Camps. Bo is one 'b' short of Bob! Crowned "Uncle Bo" by his nieces and nephew, an alter ego was born at family parties and holiday get-togethers. Now, you have to put up with it at camp! And, one cannot argue that "Bo's Fitness Camps" is a bit more intriguing than "Bob's Fitness Camps." Hey, when it works, you run with it, no pun intended!

  • "Gold Certified" by American Council on Exercise & Master Trainer, ACSM.
  • Published Fitness Author
  • Certified TRX Specialist and a Fitness Life Coach
  • Former Director of Fitness at Grey Oaks Country Club
  • "Baltimore's Best" Personal Fitness Trainer (1992-1997)
  • Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology
  • Over 200,000 hours of professional fitness instruction
  • Naples HS Girls' Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning Coach

About Bo's


Bo's Fitness Camps is an outdoor fitness and conditioning "camp" where people of all shapes, sizes and ages, levels of fitness and skill, can train alongside each other at their own pace and intensity level. Unlike most fitness "boot camps," Bo's provides a wide array of training experiences designed to encourage, teach and correct fitness advocates in their quest for a stronger, leaner, more agile body.

Why Bo

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What distinguishes Bo's from other camp-like approaches to fitness is threefold: modifications to training; "timed sets"; and the use of soft tissue and recovery/regeneration techniques simply not attended to at other outdoor fitness programs. For example, Bo's uses corrective exercise protocols that are designed to improve postural alignment and joint function in every session. We are not just another jumping jacks-push-ups-burpees style "boot camp." We like to think of ourselves more like a fitness "brain camp." Fitness training done smart, and not just hard for the sake of being tough.

Bo's Mission

Bo's Fitness Camps Group

Bo's Fitness Camps was developed by training professionals with a combined 50 years experience in the human performance and conditioning field, having supervised over 120,000 hours of athletic performance and general fitness training. Their work has encompassed virtually every level of training from consulting with the United States Figure Skating Association to the United States Professional Tennis Association; training professional athletes from the NFL to Major League Baseball, holding clinics for collegiate athletic teams to instructional workshops for professional training staffs.

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